2017…was a very interesting year. I got to spend the whole year, with my best friend, and we’re more solidly together than ever before. We’ve grown as people and a couple and have overcome some hurdles together. Overall 2017 wasn’t a horrible year, it had its moments, it was hard, but it’s been a good year.  
It’s been a big year of patience, and taking a step back and just letting a lot of things go, and so much new growth. It’s been a year of coming out of the Dark, and it’s been enlightening (pun intended.)  
Health was an overwhelming hurdle this year, with a major/minor surgery, a couple hospital visits, a few x-rays and scans, countless doctor appointments, and too many needles to count.  
I did get to travel and spend some good time with family, as well as see a large part of the country from the seat of an airplane. Melany moved here, and we got to spend more time together.  
For the most part we stayed close to home, and kept it low key. We learned very quickly that we didn’t want to be apart. After a lot of driving back and forth for David, and some really awful roommates. We moved to a cozy, adorable #littlecabinnotsointhewoods. And it’s everything I’ve ever wanted, except enough storage space, it could work on its storage spaces. I still get butterflies, and giggles when we’re together, and this is the best life with David. I’m so happy that we get to grow together and pray together and study, and pursue God together.  
And now we’ve arrived at 2018! My words for 2018 are Celebrate and Create! There are so many things happening this year, and some amazing things coming that only happen once in a lifetime! I can’t wait for what 2018 has in store, I’m sure it’s packed full of blessings and changes and it’s all going to be wonderful. And what’s not wonderful will be okay, because it’s all a part of the big plan that God has for my life. I am still going to take this year 1 day at a time. I wish you all a Happy New Year and the best health and happiness!