My Current Philosophy

in Uncategorized, August 11, 2017

Chin up, there is a silver lining and it will get to you sooner or later.
Focus on the present and choose your happy.
Basically my life is in 4 sections right now. Which is probably over simplifying things, but hey, that’s the best way to start breaking it down. God, Family, Health, and Living; four, all encompassing, quadrants that my life falls into. Or I guess you could call them my main focuses.
God being obvious, studying the word, pushing my prayer life and boundaries, chasing God’s will for my life and being obedient.
Family being that it’s growing, and changing, and challenging. I’m trying to learn how to communicate and balance everyone with everything else. My immediate, and extended family is scattered across the globe, and majority of my close friends and family are more than half of the breadth of the country away, so seeing them and staying in touch is a learning process and it’s hard sometimes to figure where the time will come from to keep up with everyone.  The flip side of that is that I’m at the time in my life where I’m also starting my own family, I’ve met my mate, and we have plans for our future. In the coming years, God willing and us able,  I’m sure that our little family will continue to grow.
Health is probably my biggest lack of discipline. Getting into a healthy lifestyle and making healthy decisions on all fronts, physically, mentally, emotionally, is a big deal right now. In the last few months I’ve run into a few challenges with each area of health, and addressing the needs and habits that need adjustment is a large focus of my life. The thing about healthy living is it’s all about control, moderation, and at the core of each of those: Discipline. The one skill, I am the absolute worst at possessing and acting with is discipline. So I’m working on that skill, and pushing through the muck to better myself.
Living is everything else. From making a living, and home, and family. To actually living, making friends, participating, exploring, and enjoying life. Living to be alive, rather than living to work and working live. Replacing that old and unfulfilling way of life with a passion and balance to survive the ups and downs of everything else.